AN EAGLE stayed his flight and entreated a Lion to make an
alliance with him to their mutual advantage.  The Lion replied,
"I have no objection, but you must excuse me for requiring you to
find surety for your good faith, for how can I trust anyone as a
friend who is able to fly away from his bargain whenever he
pleases?'  .... Try Before You Trust
Aesop's Fable

This blog is a "backup" for Real Americans Defend Israel.
I believe since those first banners of "Hope and Change" were the common theme during President Obama's 
campaign, the past 2 12 years have proven that the change most folks had hoped for is not what Americans
had expected.  We have become wiser.  Like the Lion, We have learned to ask the "right" questions, and 
will no longer take a smooth-talking, smiling candidate's false hopes as a promise of "better days ahead 
and a chicken in every pot".  We no longer allow the Main Stream Media to speak for us and have learned 
to be very cautious when they promote any one candidate as if he or she were the best thing to come along
since apple pie. Our laziness has brought America to her knees! However, last November 2010, Americans 
sent a message to Washington - we'll not stand by and watch our country go down the drain - not without
a fight!  The elections in 2012 may be the most important elections America has faced in many years!  
This blog will post news and articles not normally printed or reported on in the liberal media/newspapers. 
My main interest surround news of the Middle East and how America's foreign policies and its influence and/or
 detraction from our relations with America's allies.  I hope all of us will be reminded of this wise lion and 
"Try before trusting"
 May each of us learn to study and doe our own research before voting in November 2012. Lastly, it should be noted that 
this "lion" stands by Israel. 
(date posted - June 3, 2011)
Bee Lion

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