Try Before You Trust

Try Before You Trust
AN EAGLE stayed his flight and entreated a Lion to make an alliance with him to their mutual  advantage. The Lion replied, "I have no objection, but you must excuse me for requiring you  to find surety for your good faith, for how can I trust anyone as a friend who is able to fly  away from his bargain whenever he pleases?' ... Aesop's Fable

“Try Before you Trust” would be a good motto for Americans, before voting in 2012. The MSM is  beginning its rounds of pundit talk shows, interviewing potential candidates, and there are discussions about personalities of the hopeful men and women who may run for office, but few facts are revealed about the background’s and beliefs of the  candidates.  We are quite familiar with the dangers of not knowing anything about a candidate BEFORE voting a  person into the  White House and becoming America’s representative of our great nation.

Why should President Obama’s  ideology come as a surprise to us now, when he  clearly stated ““When the ill winds blow, I will always stand with the them (Muslims)” –  Barak Obama  (in his book, The Audacity of Hope.”) Had all of us done our homework before voting and learned to “try before trusting”,  we would not have been shocked at America’s “change” in its foreign policies and betrayal of America’s long-standing friendships with its most  important allies. We would not have been surprised when all definitions defining the enemy i.e. terrorists, Islamic and radical extremists, were removed from the pages of Homeland Security.  We would not be insisting now, that Congress demand from this administration that they cease and desist from continuing to support organizations tied to terrorism, such as, the Palestinian Authority/Hamas.  To-date, we are still funding this group both financially and militarily. Why?  America has not lost it compass, the Constitution of the U.S. and we expect our leaders to abide by that document.

If we have learned anything these past few years, it is that we cannot trust the media or a  candidate’s smile, without first asking the “right” questions and knowing what an individual stands for and against, before voting in 2012. Remember this old Lion, before stepping into the voting booth next year. The time to do our  homework is now – not two minutes before pressing the lever inside the booth.


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